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DISCLAIMER: The copies of the Notifications reproduced herein are only for the purpose of information and not substitute for the original record of Notifications.
S.No Title
11 No. 12/Rules/DHC, dated: 22.02.2022 (Notification) {Re: “Specifying the date on which the ‘e-filing Rules of the High Court of Delhi 2021’ will come into force, in respect of categories of cases in this Court and the Courts subordinate to it"
12 No. 11/Rules/DHC, dated: 22.02.2022 (Corrected as per Corrigendum No. 48/Rules/DHC dated 04.04.2022) (Notification) {Re: “e-filing Rules of the High Court of Delhi 2021"
13 No. 13/Rules/DHC, dated: 24.02.2022 (Corrected as per Corrigendum No. 63/Rules/DHC dated 11.04.2022) (Notification) {Re: “Delhi High Court Intellectual Property Rights Division Rules, 2022"}
14 No. 14/Rules/DHC, dated: 24.02.2022 (Notification) {Re: “High Court of Delhi Rules Governing Patent Suits, 2022"}
15 Delhi Judicial Service Rules, 1970 (As on 11.02.2022)
16 No.6/15/2021-Judl./Suptlaw/382-388 dated 11.02.2022 (Corrigendum) {Re: Corrigendum to Notification No.F.6/15/2021-Judl./Suptlaw/358-362 dated 09.02.2022 with respect to Amendments in Delhi Judicial Services Rules, 1970}
17 No.6/15/2021-Judl./Suptlaw/358-362 dated 09.02.2022 (Notification) {Re: Amendments in Delhi Judicial Service Rules, 1970}
18 Practice Directions regarding filing petitions under Arbitration & Conciliation Act,1996.
19 Delhi Higher Judicial Service Rules, 1970 (As on 08.02.2022)
20 No.F.6/50/2019-Judl./Suptlaw/345-350 dated 08.02.2022 (Notification) {Re: Amendments in Rule 7B(1), Second Proviso to Rule 7B(2), Rule 9(2), Rule 9(3) and Appendix appended with Delhi Higher Judicial Service Rules, 1970}