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Such details are available in the Annual Report of the Court, which is available on the website.

Yes. e-mail address is delhihighcourt@nic.in

Certified copies are prepared and issued by the Copying Section, which may be contacted to ascertain whether the certified copy is ready. The status can also be ascertained from the Delhi High Court website by clicking the link “Certified Copies”.

This may be due to a clerical mistake. The attention of the Court Master of the concerned Court may be drawn to this.

You may search for your case in the cause list. To get the cause list, click on Cause List or Cause list in PDF.

The filing counter is open from 10 am to 4 pm on all working days of the registry . Urgent petitions/applications to be listed for the next day must be filed before 12 noon, after which the Petitioner has to seek permission of the Court.

Yes. However, once an appeal is filed against the impugned judgment, an application for stay of that judgment may be filed.


Certified copies are being provided under the rules incorporated in Chapter 5, Volume V, Delhi High Court Rules and Orders.One can obtain certified copy of a judgment by making an application in this regard under the above rules provided he is a party to the pending procedings. In a decided case anybody can apply for obtaining certified copy. At present two types of certified copies are being provided to litigant public.
(i) Digital Copy: The digital copy is provided to the applicant through digital data available in the server which is firstly uploaded by the concerned Private Secretary after signature of the Hon’ble Judge and of the Registrar/ Joint Registrars, as the case may be.
(ii) Manual Copy: The Manual certified copy is provided after the judgment Photocopied and compared with the original case file.