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21. How reliable are the decisions on the site?  
22. Are Court proceedings televised or webcast and if yes, how can I obtain a copy of a hearing transcript and/or video?  
23. Are hearings open to the public?  
24. What are the Court’s opening hours?  
25. During our visit to the Court, would it be possible to take pictures of various parts of the Court building?  
26. Can we visit the Court Building?  
27. How do I find out the status of a case?  
28. What are the court fees to be paid in different matters before the High Court of Delhi?  
29. If I need a lawyer to prepare and file documents in the High Court of Delhi, what should I do?  
30. Do I have to appear in Court every time my case is listed?  
31. What happens once the petition is served and filed?  
32. When is a court file opened?  
33. Do I have to give copies to the other parties?  
34. What happens if I do not file all the required documents?  
35. What are the deadlines for filing documents?  
36. How many copies of documents are required to be filed?  
37. How do I file a writ petition/suit/appeal (Criminal and Civil) in the High Court of Delhi?  
38. How can a person be considered for a position as a law researcher/intern?  
39. Where can I look for employment opportunities with the High Court of Delhi?  
40. How does one address a judge of the High Court and of the Subordinate Courts?  
Address: Registrar General, Delhi High Court,
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