CS(OS) 102/2014
  SWATANTER KUMAR ..... Plaintiff
  Through Mr.A.S.Chandhiok, Sr.Adv., Mr.Rajiv Nayar, Sr.Adv.,
  Mr.Neeraj Kishan Kaul, Sr.Adv.,
  Mr.Vinay Bhasin, Sr.Adv.,
  Mr.Maninder Singh, Sr.Adv.,
  Mr.Sandeep Sethi, Sr.Adv.,
  Mr.D.S. Narula, Sr.Adv. with
  Ms.Manmeet Arora, Ms.Fareha Ahmad Khan, Mr.Abhijat, Mr.P.Banerjee,
  Ms.Meghna Mishra, Mr.Akshay Makhija, Mr.Ashish Dholakia, Mr.Abhimanya
  Mahajan, Ms.Mansi Sharma, Ms.Yamini Khanna and Ms.Niyati Kohli, Advs.
  THE INDIAN EXPRESS LTD. and ORS ..... Defendants
  Through Mr.N.B. Joshi, Adv. wtih Mr.Purushottam Mishra, Adv. for
  D-1 and 2.
  Mr.Sachin Datta, Adv. with Mr.Vikram Aditya Narayan, Adv. for UOI/D-6.
  Mr.Ashwani Mata, Sr.Adv. with
  Mr.Kunal Tandon, Mr.Kapil Arora and Mr.Vikrant, Advs. for D-3B.
  Ms.Vrinda Grover, Adv. with Mr.Bhavook Chauhan, Adv. for D-5.
  Mr.Sumant De, Mr.Anil Kumar Mishra and Mr.Vivek Agarwal, Adv. for D-4A.
  Mr.Mrinal Bharti and Mr.Manish Shekhar, Advs. for 4B.
   O R D E R
  CS(OS) 102/2014
  The pleadings on behalf of all the parties are complete. Various
  applications are pending and the same are listed. Even three fresh
  applications have been filed by the parties. Mr.Chandhiok, learned
  Senior counsel appearing on behalf of the plaintiff, has made his
  submissions in part and agrees that some miscellaneous applications can
  be disposed of in order to decide the remaining main applications.
  Mr.Chandhiok, learned Senior counsel, is ready to make his submissions on
  the remaining pending applications, however, counsel for the defendants
  No.3(b) and 5 seek short accommodation on the reasons that they have to
  go through the pleadings received by them very recently. The other
  defendants though are ready to address their submissions. List on 15th
  May, 2014.
  Certain documents are filed by the plaintiff on 6th May, 2014 which
  disclose the identity of the defendant No.5. The said documents be kept
  in sealed cover by the Deputy Registrar (Original) who will bring the
  same on the next date. Extra copies after deletion of the relevant
  portion be placed on record.
  List before the Joint Registrar for admission/denial of the
  documents on 1st August, 2014, the date already fixed. The matter be
  listed before Court for framing of issues and for directions of trial
  immediately after completion of admission/denial of the documents.
  I.A. No.725/2014 (u/s 80(2) CPC by plaintiff)
  The abovementioned application has been filed by the plaintiff
  under Section 80(2) read with Section 151 CPC for granting leave to the
  plaintiff to file the present suit without service of notice upon
  defendant No.6. No reply has been filed by the defendants. There is no
  opposition to the prayer made in the application. The same is allowed.
  The application is disposed of.
  I.A. No.726/2014 (u/s 151 CPC)
  The abovementioned application has been filed by the plaintiff
  under Section 151 CPC for conducting the proceedings of the present suit
  in camera. Mr.Chandhiok, learned Senior counsel, submits that the said
  application may be kept pending as the Court at the time of recording the
  evidence may consider the prayer made in this application. The same is
  kept pending.
  I.A. No.724/2014 (u/O XI R 12 by plaintiff)
  This is an application filed by the plaintiff under Order XI Rule
  12 read with Section 151 CPC. Mr.Chandiok, learned Senior counsel,
  submits that the defendants have not complied with the order dated 15th
  January, 2014 passed in the present application and the consequences must
  follow under the law.
  List the application before the Joint Registrar on 1st August, 2014.
  I.A. No.729/2014 (u/O V R 12 r/w S. 151 CPC by plaintiff)
  This is an application filed by the plaintiff under Order V Rule 12
  read with Section 151 CPC, with the prayer that the plaintiff be
  permitted to serve defendant No.5 through defendant No.2. Since the
  defendant No.5 is now represented by the advocate, the said prayer has
  become infructuous.
  The other prayer made in the application is that the name of the
  defendant No.5, as disclosed by the plaintiff in an envelope be preserved
  by this Court. This compliance has already been made as the name has
  already been preserved in the sealed cover.
  The application disposed of.
  I.A. No.6894/2014 (u/O VIII R 1 r/w S. 151 CPC by defendant No.3
  (defendant No.3A as per amended memo of parties)) and I.A. No.8705/2014
  (u/O VIII R 10 CPC by plaintiff)
  The above mentioned application has been filed by the defendant
  No.3 (defendant No.3A as per amended memo of parties) under Order VIII
  Rule 1 CPC for condonation of 50 days? delay in filing the written
  statement. The prayer is not opposed by the plaintiff. The delay in
  filing the written statement is condoned. The replication has already
  been filed. Subject to the objection raised in replication by the
  plaintiff, the prayer is allowed and the application is accordingly
  disposed of.
  By this order, the plaintiff?s application, being I.A. No.8705/2014
  under Order VIII Rule 10 CPC, is also disposed of. The objection of the
  plaintiff will be considered at the time of framing of issues.
  I.A. No.8704/2014 (u/s 151 CPC by plaintiff)
  The above mentioned application has been filed by the plaintiff
  under Section 151 CPC for seeking certified copies of all documents filed
  by the defendants in sealed covers. Issue notice.
  Though it is a formal application, however, defendant No.5 seeks
  time to file the reply. Let the same be filed within four weeks.
  Rejoinder thereto be filed within two weeks thereafter. List on 11th
  July, 2014.
  I.A. No.8703/2014 (u/O XXXIX Rule 4 CPC by defendant No.5)
  This is an application filed by the defendant No.5 under Order
  XXXIX Rule 4 CPC for vacation of the interim order passed on 16th
  January, 2014. Issue notice. Counsel states that since the pleadings
  are common, the present application may be listed along with interim
  application, being I.A. No.723/2014. Ordered accordingly.
  I.A. No.723/2014 (for stay), I.A. No.5840/2014 (u/O 1 R 10 r/w O 7 R 11
  and S. 151 CPC by D-3) and I.A. No.8703/2014 (u/O XXXIX Rule 4 CPC by
  defendant No.5)
  Pleadings are complete.
  List for arguments on 15th May, 2014.
  Dasti, under the signatures of the Court Master.
  MAY 07, 2014/jk
  $ 38