CS(OS) 978/2012
  ABHIMANYU BHANDARI and ANR. ..... Plaintiffs
  Through: Mr. Parag P. Tripathi, Sr. Advocate
  with Mrs. Sangeeta Sharma,
  Ms. Swati Sharma and
  Mr. A. Ganguli, Advocates
  MUKESH KUMAR LAL and ORS. ..... Defendants
  Through: Nemo.
   O R D E R
  IA No.6668/2012 (u/s 149 of the Code of Civil Procedure)
  Exemption from filing the court fees is allowed subject to the
  plaintiffs depositing the same within one week.
  The application stands disposed of.
  IA No.6667/2012 (under Order 2 Rules 2 r/w Section 151 of the Code of
  Civil Procedure)
  Leave granted to the plaintiffs in terms of the prayer made in the
  present application.
  The application stands disposed of.
  CS(OS) 978/2012
  Issue summons of the suit to the defendants by ordinary process,
  registered A.D. post and through the approved courier on the plaintiffs
  taking the necessary steps within one week, returnable on 21st May, 2012.
  IA No.6666/2012 (under Order XXXIX Rules 1 and 2 read with Section 151
  Having heard the learned senior counsel for the plaintiffs and
  scrutinized the plaint, the application and the complaint filed alongwith
  the plaint, the Court is of the opinion that the plaintiffs have made out
  a prima facie case for the grant of an ex parte ad interim injunction in
  their favour. The balance of convenience is also tilted in favour of the
  plaintiffs and against the defendants. Irreparable injury is likely to
  be caused to the reputation and goodwill of the plaintiff No.2 in case
  the defendants are not restrained from disseminating the information
  allegedly in their possession in the form of a CD. Accordingly, issue
  notice of this application to the defendants No.1 to 4, returnable for
  the date fixed.
  Till the next date, the defendants, their agents and all others
  acting for and/or on their behalf are restrained from publishing,
  broadcasting, disseminating or distributing in any form or manner the
  contents of any alleged CD or any other material as described in the
  plaint in relation to the plaintiff No.2.
  The provisions of Order XXXIX Rule 3 of the Code of Civil Procedure
  shall be complied with by the plaintiffs within three days from today.
  A copy of this order be given dasti to the counsel for the
  plaintiffs under the signatures of the Court Master, as prayed.
  APRIL 13, 2012