CS(OS) 442/2013
  ERICSSON(PUBL) ..... Plaintiff
  Through: Mr. Neeraj Kishan Kaul, Senior
  Advocate with Ms. Prathiba M. Singh,
  Ms. Saya Choudhary Kapur,
  Mr. Tejveer Singh Bhatia, Mr. Ashutosh
  Kumar and Mr. Varun Tikmani,
  MERCURY ELECTRONICS and ANR ..... Defendants
  Through: Dr. Abhishek M. Singhvi and Mr Parag
  Tripathi, Senior Advocates with
  Mr. Saikrishna Rajagopal, Sunil Dalal,
  Mr. Sanjeev Narula, Mr. J. Sai Deepak,
  Mr. Rajiv K. Choudhry and Mr. Maanan
  Kumar, Advocates for defendant No.2-
   O R D E R
  I.A. 4694/2013 in CS(OS) 442/2013
  Issue notice.
  Ms. Prathiba M. Singh, learned counsel accepts notice on behalf of
  plaintiff. She prays for and is granted three weeks to file a reply
  Rejoinder affidavit, if any, be filed before the next date of
  List the matter for directions on 22nd April, 2013.
  Both the parties, in the meantime, have agreed upon an interim
  arrangement, without prejudice to their rights and contentions. The
  interim arrangement reads as under:-
  1. Ericsson and Micromax agree to negotiate a FRAND License Agreement
  for the next one month, based on FRAND terms.
  2. Micromax/Customs shall intimate Ericsson?s notified person or
  counsel for Ericsson whenever a consignment arrives at the Customs.
  Ericsson?s representative or its counsel will, without any delay and
  within twenty-four hours, take inspection of the consignment.
  3. Micromax shall then, pending final determination of royalties
  payable by the parties, agree to abide by the following interim payments
  as per term sheet enclosed with letter dated 05th November, 2012, purely
  as an ad-interim arrangement and subject to the final outcome of its
  negotiations with Ericsson.
  A. For phones/devices capable of GSM ? 1.25% of sale price.
  B. For phones/devices capable of GPRS + GSM ? 1.75% of sale price.
  C. For phones/devices capable of EDGE + GPRS + GSM ? 2% of sale price.
  D. WCDMA/HSPA phones/devices, calling tablets ? 2% of the sale price.
  E. Dongles, data cards ? USD 2.50
  Micromax undertakes to make a deposit of interim payments in Court,
  as set out above, within five working days of the intimation by Customs
  of the arrival of the consignment. Post inspection, Ericsson will
  forthwith inform the Customs that it has no objection to the release of
  the consignment so that the consignment could immediately be handed over
  to Micromax.
  Both the parties agree that the royalties, if any, for the past
  period will be negotiated as part of the final FRAND agreement that may
  be arrived at between the parties.
  3. Both parties shall endeavour to negotiate the final FRAND terms by
  09th April, 2013 during which time the above arrangement shall operate.
  In the event that parties are unable to arrive at FRAND terms
  pursuant to negotiations, they have the option of appearing for mediation
  before Mr. N.K. Anand, Advocate, B-41, Nizamuddin East, New Delhi-110013,
  Cell No.9891392929.
  Customs are directed to cooperate with the parties and their
  counsel for implementation of this order.
  A copy of this order be served upon the Customs authorities by the
  Registry of this Court as also by the learned counsel for the parties.
  As a token of acceptance of this order, an authorized
  representative of the plaintiff and defendant No.2 are directed to sign
  the order sheet.
  Order dasti under signature of the Court Master.
  MARCH 19, 2013
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