CS(OS) 1080/2010 and IA No. 7357/10, 12194/2011
  Through: Mr. V.K. Rao, Sr. Advocate with Mr. Abhimanyu Bhandari and Ms.
  Aakanksha Munjal, Advocates
  GOOGLE INC and ANR ..... Defendant
  Through: Mr. Rajiv Nayar, Sr. Advocate with Mr. Akhil Anand with Mr.
  Praveen Sehrawat, Advs. for D-1
  Mr. Nittin Bhatia, Adv. for D-3
   O R D E R
  IA No. 7357/10
  The present suit has been filed with the following prayers:-
  ?a. pass a decree of permanent injunction in favour of the Plaintiff by
  restraining Defendant No. 1 to publish the said defamatory blogs;
  b. pass a decree of mandatory injunction against the publication of
  the blogs Global Indian International School Singapore: Parent?s Forum
  for a better GIIS and GIIS (Malaysia)
  Parent Forum and to block/remove the
  said blogs as per the notification dated 7.7.2003.
  c. issue mandatory direction to Defendant No. 2 to block/remove the
  said defamatory blogs immediately and to seek and obtain from Defendant
  No. 1 full information regarding the blogs and the persons who have
  posted the same as per the notification dated 7.7.2003;
  d. issue a mandatory direction restraining the Defendant No. 3 from
  publishing/posting any further defamatory material against the Plaintiff;
  e. issue a mandatory direction restraining the Defendant No. 3 from
  publishing/posting any further defamatory material against the Plaintiff;
  f. issue a mandatory direction to the Defendant No. 3 to remove
  from the public domain all defamatory material against the Plaintiff that
  he has published/posted;
  g. Pass any other further order/s as this Hon?ble Court may deem fit
  and proper?
  Mr. V.K. Rao, learned senior counsel for the plaintiff has drawn
  this Court?s attention to the blogs at pages 2 and 3 of Part-III file
  which read as under:-
  ?GIF is a bunch a corrupt, money making and sekf serving group, mostly
  hailing from one family.Education seems to be least of their concern and
  they are unable to retain good sincere talent.From 2006 till now, we have
  seen three faces -Mr.Achuthan Madhav, Mr.Gopalakrishnan and now
  Ms.Sharma. Classes are cramped and over crowded. No promise made has ever
  been kept.Whenever there is a big event- cricketers visit, minsiters
  visit- the entire GIF family from Singapore and Mumbai descend here, at
  our cost and go after promising tons! The Indian High Commission should
  probe in to the affairs of the school..........
  ?Well this is good news. Many including staff have been disillusioned
  with the level of unprofessionalism trashed out at them by the school
  management. The hardworking ones are sidelined and made to feel like
  fools simply for being honest and straightforward in their dealings. Only
  the crooked can survive in this despicable environment. With so many good
  schools out there, i wonder why parents keep choosing to send their kids
  here. Please take heed of the complaints you read in these blogs unless
  you are prepared to be served substandard service from the management and
  admistrative staff who are consistently rude and lacking in customer
  service and ettiquette.?
  Mr. Rao, has also drawn this Court?s attention to the following
  blog at page 46 of Part-I File.
  ?The 45th Annual Day Sports day show cased the damned and sex starved
  former Physics Teacher who had to resign on the grounds of complaints of moral turpitude. PV again proved that he has the nerve to provoke the
  parent community by extending an invitation with a seat in the dais to
  symbolically throw an open challenge to the BHEL and Parents. What is the
  unholy alliance between PV and the Physics Teacher is a billion dollar
  Probably GIF may have an answer!. This is nothing but an open and naked
  defiance by the School Head with little or no respect to moral values. ?
  This Court is prima facie of the opinion that the aforesaid three
  extracts are defamatory.
  Defendant No. 3 has specifically denied writing the aforesaid
  comments. A perusal of the documents reveals that they are written by an
  anonymous person. Consequently, as there is no individual or entity
  which is willing to defend the aforesaid impugned statements, this Court
  has no other option but to direct defendant No. 1, as an interim measure,
  to remove the aforesaid three paragraphs if hosted on their website.
  The plaintiff is also directed to provide to defendant No. 1, the
  URL of the blog referred to at page 46 of Part-I file.
  List the matter for further hearing on 08th July, 2013.
  Order dasti under the signature of the Court Master.
  FEBRUARY 26, 2013