CS(OS) 2722/2012
  STAR INDIA PVT LTD ..... Plaintiff
  Through: Mr.Parag Tripathi, Sr.Adv.with Mr.Gopal Jain, Mr.Saikrishna
  Rajgopal, Mr.Siddharth Chopra, Ms.Sneha Jain, Advs.
  PIYUSH AGARWAL and ORS ..... Defendant
  Through: Mr.Sudhir Chandra, Sr.Adv.with Ms.Gayatri Roy, Mr.Thomas George,
  Mr.Udit Sood, Adv.for D1 and 2
  Mr.Rishi Aggarwal, Adv.for Idea Cellular Ltd.
  Mr.Rajeev Nayyar, Sr.Adv.with Mr.Navin Chawla, Adv.for Cellular Operators
  Association of India
   O R D E R
  IA No. 16486/2012(S. 149 of CPC)
  Let the court fee be filed within a period of six weeks.
  Application stands disposed of.
  IA No. 16488/2012
  Exemption as sought is allowed subject to plaintiff filing
  the original documents before admission/denial of documents.
  Application stands disposed of.
  IA 16487/2012(S. 151)
  Allowed subject to all just exceptions.
  CS(OS) 2722/2012 and IA 16485/2012 (O. 39 Rule 1and2)
  Notice. Ms.Gayatri Roy, Advocate accepts notice on behalf of
  defendants 1 and 2 and seeks time to file written statement and reply to
  the stay application. Let the same be filed within a week,
  replication/rejoinder within a week thereafter.
  Mr.Rajeev Nayyar, Sr.Advocate alongwith Mr.Navin Chawla, Adv.
  enters appearance on behalf of Cellular Operators Association of India.
  Mr.Nayyar states that plaintiff has deliberately not made them a party
  and in the event of grant of any injunction by this court the same shall
  not be enforceable by the plaintiff against the Cellular Operators.
  Mr.Parag Tripathi, Sr.Advocate for the plaintiff submits that as far as
  the present suit is concerned the plaintiff has neither claimed nor they
  are seeking any relief against the Cellular Operators. Counsel however
  submits that plaintiff reserves its right to seek any future remedy
  against the Cellular Operators as well.
  Opposing the grant of ex-parte interim injunction Mr.Sudhir
  Chandra, Senior Advocate enters appearance on behalf of the Defendants
  No.1 and 2 and waives service of notice. Mr. Chandra while strongly
  opposing the stay application seeks time to address detailed arguments on
  any date convenient to the Court. Counsel also submits that with a view
  to protect the rights of the plaintiff the defendants are prepared to
  file their statement of accounts effective from this date itself.
  List the matter for further arguments on stay application
  on 25.9.2012.
  In the meanwhile, the defendants are directed to scrupulously
  maintain their statement of accounts for each match and file the same
  in the court. Considering the fact that the defendants are already
  earning through cellular operators, let a tentative amount of Rs.
  15,00,000/- be deposited by the defendants with the Registrar
  General of this court, within a period of three weeks. The said deposit
  will be subject to final disposal of the stay application.
  The plaintiff shall produce the original contract on the
  next date.
  SEPTEMBER 07, 2012
  $ 1